TechHow to quickly transfer large files online without hassle

How to quickly transfer large files online without hassle

How to send a large file via a web browser?
How to send a large file via a web browser?
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24 June 2024 14:26

Contrary to appearances, transferring files over the Internet is not always straightforward. If the data is several gigabytes, we won't be able to send it as an email attachment. This guide will show you how to transfer large files online quickly.

Whether it's private or corporate files, wanting to send files over the internet can lead to various issues. One of the most common limitations is the maximum file size that can be attached to an email message as an attachment. This often prevents the transfer of high-resolution photos, videos, or other large files.

However, many solutions allow the easy and secure transfer of large files without any charges. These include various FTP servers, compression and splitting data into smaller parts, and cloud storage services.

One possibility is a platform that, unlike the aforementioned methods, does not require the user to register, configure, or install dedicated applications. This is the WeTransfer service, which allows the transfer of large files directly from the web browser.

WeTransfer - what is it and what capabilities does it offer?

WeTransfer is a service that enables data storage in accessible cloud space. Sharing is made possible by generating links, which can be sent to any specified email address.

In the free version, WeTransfer allows you to store data up to 2 GB (2,147 MB) for 7 days, with a maximum of 20 downloads per transfer. These limitations disappear after purchasing a paid subscription, which allows a maximum transfer size of 1 TB (1,048,576 MB). More details about subscription plans and pricing are available on the official website.

How to send a large file over the internet?

To start transferring and sharing data via WeTransfer, open a web browser on your computer and go to the official service website.

In the section on the screen's left side, click Upload files or select a folder and choose the data to be shared. Then, provide basic information, such as the email address from which the link to the file or files will be sent, the recipient's email address, and the title and content of the message.

WeTransfer also allows you to generate a link to the shared data without sending it via email. To confirm, click Send. The file transfer will start to the service's servers, and a summary with the most essential information will be displayed.

There are more methods that allow convenient sending of extensive data, and we believe that using WeTransfer is a commendable option. If you wish to share data differently, for example, in a link from a private cloud storage space, it is worth considering the famous Google Drive or Microsoft's OneDrive. There are many ways to share; if you recommend others, we invite you to discuss.

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