NewsGreece battles relentless wildfires: Residents evacuate, damages soar

Greece battles relentless wildfires: Residents evacuate, damages soar

Hell in a tourist paradise. "Houses caught fire before my eyes"
Hell in a tourist paradise. "Houses caught fire before my eyes"
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1 July 2024 10:53

In recent days, Greece has been engulfed by a wave of fires necessitating the intervention of the fire brigade on both the islands and the mainland. High temperatures and strong winds have contributed to the rapid spread of the fires, compelling residents to evacuate urgently. Videos and photos from the island of Zakynthos have been circulating online.

Experts warn that a challenging summer is approaching. Recently, numerous fires have engulfed Greece, requiring the intervention of the fire brigade on various islands and the mainland.

According to TVN24, firefighters fought the blaze on the island of Zakynthos from Sunday to Monday near the village of Agia Marina. Although the flames were partially brought under control, the situation remains critical. Authorities in the Zakynthos municipality reported that the last severe fire in this area occurred in 2012.

On Sunday, firefighters struggled to control two fires in the Attica region, one of which broke out south of Keratea. Strong winds with 40-45 mph speeds contributed to the fire spread, forcing the authorities to evacuate residents of eight settlements. The fires had been partially controlled by Monday morning, but the material losses were significant.

Homes were engulfed in flames before my eyes. I estimate that between 10 and 15 buildings were damaged by the flames, said the manager of the Lawreotiki community, where Keratea is located to

In northern Athens, in the municipality of Stamata, the fire brigade successfully controlled a fire that threatened nearby pine forests. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, warning of further deterioration of the situation, stressed that the country is intensively utilising new technologies, such as an observation drone system, which played a crucial role in detecting the fire in the Parnitha massif.

The Ministry of Citizen Protection published a risk map showing that Attica, southern Peloponnese, Crete, and central Greece have been identified as areas highly threatened by fires.

We are facing difficult times, but our determination to fight the fires remains unwavering, assured Dimitrios Vitsas.
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