FoodGoat milk rises in stature: Why this Functional food deserves attention

Goat milk rises in stature: Why this Functional food deserves attention

We suggest why it is worth trying goat's milk.
We suggest why it is worth trying goat's milk.
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9 July 2024 14:46

Goat cheese is enjoying increasing popularity. It is often produced on small farms in various regions. In the shadow of cheeses, goat milk remains less recognised. However, it is a product of high nutritional value and is classified as functional. It boasts a rich composition and extraordinary properties. Here, we suggest why it is worth trying.

Although goat milk is somewhat forgotten in modern times, it has been an important part of the diet for centuries. Goats were among the first domesticated animals. It is estimated that people have been drinking their milk for 10,000 years. Nowadays, you can even purchase goat milk in discount stores and in pasteurised form.

There are quite a few products

Pasteurised goat milk has a mild taste and a fairly thick consistency. Its aroma is natural, and the flavour can be described as salty-sweet. Products such as the cheeses above, kefirs, and yoghurts are made based on it. Its composition includes easily digestible whey proteins, which improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium and have anti-cancer, anti-stress, and antibacterial effects. Goat milk contains fewer casein proteins than cow's milk, making it less allergenic.

More valuable than cow’s?

What about calories? Goat milk provides more calories than cow’s milk (69-84 kcal per 100 ml compared to 65-88 kcal per 100 grams). It also contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals. It boasts more vitamin A, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and elements such as iron, zinc, and manganese than cow’s milk.

A few differences

When does it help? Goat milk positively affects the cardiovascular system, protecting against the development of coronary disease. It also supports the proper functioning of the nervous system and promotes tooth mineralisation. It has been proven that goat milk lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. So, what is the fundamental difference between goat’s milk and cow’s milk? They have a different qualitative composition of fat and protein. Goat milk proteins are digested much faster than cow milk proteins. The fat derived from goat milk is also more easily digested. Moreover, goat milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk. However, it cannot serve as an alternative for people with lactose intolerance.

Its taste is..

Goat milk can replace cow’s milk. It’s also worth trying other products from it – cheeses, yoghurts, and milk for coffee. Considering its nutritional value, it is worth introducing goat milk into the diet. However, one must get accustomed to its taste, which is pretty distinct.

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