SportsGermany's Euro 2024 kits spark tradition vs. modernity debate

Germany's Euro 2024 kits spark tradition vs. modernity debate

Why does the Germany national team play in white kits?
Why does the Germany national team play in white kits?
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Bartłomiej Nowak

19 June 2024 19:37

Germany is hosting the ongoing Euro 2024. They played their first match against Scotland (5:1) wearing white uniforms. This might seem strange because the host nation's flag has three colours: black, red, and yellow. Why have Germany's "home" kits been white for decades?

The German national football team is hosting this year's European Championships. Julian Nagelsmann's squad is fighting to advance to the next phase of the tournament in Group A. Their opponents are Hungary, Switzerland, and Scotland.

The colours of the kits in which Germany started the tournament have raised many questions. The hosts won 5:1 against the Scots, playing in white and black uniforms. Why are "Die Adler" specifically white and black?

It's about a long-standing tradition dating back to Prussia. Black and white are the colours of this now-defunct German state. Adopting Prussian colours was a natural choice when the German Football Association (DFB) was established in 1899.

The first set of German uniforms raises questions. The second set sparks major controversy

But it's not just the first set of the German national team's kits that is up for discussion. The second "away" kit, which DFB unveiled in March, is ... pink with purple elements. The manufacturer of the kits, Adidas, has gone bold this time. Until now, the "spare" kits were black, green, or red.

In contrast to the more traditional elements of the home jersey, the new away kit is meant to represent a new generation of German football fans, and the diversity of the country. The diamond pattern on the shirt is also meant to depict the eagle's wing. The look is completed by purple shorts and socks - this is the official stance of the German Football Association.

The manufacturer of the host's kits is Adidas. The German apparel giant states that the controversial pink jerseys... are selling like hotcakes. They are especially popular with the younger fans of coach Nagelsmann's team.

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