HealthFoods to avoid for a healthier heart: What cardiologists warn against

Foods to avoid for a healthier heart: What cardiologists warn against

Be careful with sausages. They are very harmful to heart health.
Be careful with sausages. They are very harmful to heart health.
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18 June 2024 09:11

To keep our hearts in good shape for as long as possible, we should primarily remember regular physical activity, avoid stimulants, and maintain a proper diet. Cardiologists have long warned that consuming certain food products significantly increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Find out which ones are involved.

Ice cream

Ice cream contains natural ingredients such as eggs, milk, and fruits, which we should not be afraid of. Unfortunately, these cold treats can provide us with many empty calories. Moreover, ice cream often contains substantial sugar and hardened palm oil. Excessive amounts of these substances in the daily diet increase the risk of developing overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart attack, and atherosclerosis.

Red meat

Regular consumption of red meat can also contribute to cardiac problems. Pork, beef, and lamb contain significant amounts of saturated fats. The most harmful to health is processed meat such as ham, sausages, bacon, pâté, salami, and canned meat. To care for our hearts, we should replace these products with lean white meat or fatty seafood.

Fried dishes

Frying, intense frying, is the worst way to prepare food. Chips, hamburgers, potato pancakes, or steaks prepared this way are rich in trans fats, which raise the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood. The constant presence of such dishes in the daily menu leads to the development of atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

Foods rich in salt

The so-called white death can be found in our salt shaker and practically in all products. To avoid cardiovascular problems, excess weight, and cancer, replacing salt with a mixture of healthy spices is best. We should also carefully read the ingredients of the food products we choose.

Alcohol and energy drinks

It has long been known that excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages gradually destroys our liver. Alcohol also adversely affects the cardiovascular system. The same goes for popular energy drinks, which, despite being non-alcoholic beverages, also disrupt the heart's proper rhythm and raise blood pressure.

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