TechFirst anti-drone armoured vehicles delivered to Ukrainian National Guard

First anti-drone armoured vehicles delivered to Ukrainian National Guard

Nowator 2 vehicles handed over to Ukrainians
Nowator 2 vehicles handed over to Ukrainians
Images source: © Facebook | Українська Бронетехніка
Norbert Garbarek

3 July 2024 20:46

It has become clear what anti-drone tools are on the new vehicles for the Ukrainian National Guard, Nowator 2. This is the first time an electronic warfare system has been installed on armoured vehicles during their production.

Let us recall that at the beginning of July, the enterprise Ukrainian Armour handed over at least six units of completely new Nowator 2 armoured vehicles to the Ukrainian National Guard. This support did not require the Ukrainian authorities to appeal for help from any other state.

It should be noted that the Nowator 2 vehicles mentioned are completely new models. Ukrainians have been dealing with previous generations of this type of vehicle for several years, while the second version was officially presented only in 2023 at the MSPO fair in Kielce. The tests of Nowator 2 began several months later, in January of this year.

Although the specifications of the machines handed over to the guardsmen are relatively clear, from the beginning the community commenting on the transfer was curious about the electronic warfare system that the producer decided to place on the vehicle. It was not clear whether such a system was installed on Nowator 2, and if so, what exactly it is. However, analysts of the Ukrainian portal Defence Express determined what anti-drone tool was given to the Ukrainians.

It is known what is on the Ukrainian Nowator 2 vehicles

"This is the first case of manufacturers of armoured vehicles and electronic warfare means installing the anti-drone system during vehicle production," reads Defence Express. The vehicles for the Ukrainian National Guard were equipped with the Kvertus company's products – note the experts. This solution is actively used by the Ukrainian army – primarily because of its portfolio's wide selection of models.

Vehicles Nowator 2
Vehicles Nowator 2© Facebook | Українська Бронетехніка

The Nowator 2 has the AD Kraken Counter FPV F3 system, a remotely controlled tool that works in three radio bands. It has six jamming channels with a power of 30 watts each, covering the frequencies most FPV drones use. This tool's principle of operation is based on creating a "dome" in which incoming unmanned aerial vehicles lose contact with the pilot, making them useless and unable to reach the designated target as they cannot be controlled.

Let us also recall that the Nowator 2 vehicles that have reached Ukrainians are machines for transporting a crew of up to 10 people. The safety of the soldiers is ensured, among other things, by armoured windows with a thickness of 50mm and armour made of Armox steel. The Nowator 2 also has mine armour. This combination makes the vehicle weigh just under 10 tonnes, or about 2 tonnes more than its predecessor. A large-calibre KSVT machine gun with a calibre of 12.7mm provides its offensive capabilities.

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