NewsFire at Copenhagen tax ministry forces evacuation. No casualties reported

Fire at Copenhagen tax ministry forces evacuation. No casualties reported

Thick smoke in the centre of Copenhagen. A ministerial building is on fire.
Thick smoke in the centre of Copenhagen. A ministerial building is on fire.
Images source: © X | @JeppeBruus
Sara Bounaoui

27 June 2024 12:03

On Thursday, a fire broke out at the Danish Ministry of Taxation headquarters, located in the country's capital, Copenhagen. Firefighters are conducting extinguishing operations at the scene.

From the city centre, plumes of smoke could be seen rising above the ministry building.

The Minister of Taxation, Jeppe Bruus, confirmed the information about the incident in a social media post. He stated that all officials working in the building were evacuated.

He added that, at present, there are no reports of casualties. When the fire started, a meeting related to plans for introducing a CO2 emission tax in agriculture occurred in the building.

Fire broke out on the roof of the office building

The Danish newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" published details about this incident. According to the article, the fire started on the roof of the office building housing the Ministry of Taxation.

In an interview with the newspaper, Bruus said he was in a meeting when the fire alarm went off. He recounted that those present gathered their belongings and left the room according to procedures. "When we were leaving, we could already smell smoke," said the minister.

"We heard the alarm, but we didn't know whether it was a drill or if something was actually happening," emphasised Magnus Heunicke, the Environment Minister.

The causes of the fire are not yet known. Once the firefighting operation is finished, services will investigate the causes of the blaze.

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