LifestyleFines hit £637 for urinating in the sea at Marbella beaches

Fines hit £637 for urinating in the sea at Marbella beaches

Fines for urinating in the sea in Spain
Fines for urinating in the sea in Spain
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1 July 2024 20:21

The holiday season is in full swing, and tourists flock to various countries worldwide to sunbathe at beachside resorts. Many will undoubtedly consider relieving themselves in the water when the nearest toilet seems too far. In Spain, however, one should think twice before making that decision.

The holidays have officially begun, signalling a surge of kids heading to various camps and families visiting seaside resorts to unwind. Yet, being by the water during the peak season comes with certain challenges. Crowded beaches, limited space on the sand, and long queues for facilities, including toilets, are all part of the experience. Consequently, many people take the unhygienic shortcut of peeing into the sea or lake.

Popular tourist destinations like Italy, Croatia, Portugal, and Spain witness an annual influx of visitors in Europe. This inevitably results in long queues for amenities, often including toilets, where usage typically comes at a cost in tourist towns. In response, many resort to urinating in the sea. The authorities in Spanish Marbella have decided to crack down on this practice by imposing hefty fines for urination in the sea.

End of urinating in the sea at the beach in spain

The authorities in Marbella have determined that too many beachgoers are opting to urinate in the sea. This prompted them to increase fines as the ban introduced in 2004 did not suffice. Until 2024, the fine for such an act was around £260, which was not a trivial amount. Nevertheless, many people preferred the sea over public toilets.

Penalties for urinating into the sea in Spain
Penalties for urinating into the sea in Spain© Canva

Currently, the fine for urinating in the sea is around £650. This is part of a new regulation governing the use of the 25 city beaches in Spanish Marbella. The project comprises 73 articles and two appendices. However, it remains unclear how individuals will be identified as relieving themselves.

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