NewsFather sets son on fire in Russia after accidental blaze

Father sets son on fire in Russia after accidental blaze

Shock in Russia. Father set son on fire
Shock in Russia. Father set son on fire
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Jakub Artych

8 July 2024 12:03

Shocking scenes occurred in a town in Russia. An enraged father set his son on fire after the boy's experiment resulted in the accidental ignition of spilled alcohol.

It all started on the evening of 5 July when 9-year-old Oleg played with a candle at home. The young boy's experiment ended up igniting some spilled alcohol.

At that moment, Oleg's one-year-old sister Lisa was next to him. Due to the small fire, the girl suffered burns.

Hearing the children's screams, the parents rushed in and quickly extinguished the fire. However, the boy's father, 38-year-old Andrei, panicked and decided to severely punish his son.

In an attempt to make the boy understand exactly how his younger sister felt, the man took off his trousers, poured alcohol on his buttocks, and set them on fire – reads the Baza profile on Telegram.

As a result, both the daughter and the son required medical assistance. Currently, the children are in a Children's Hospital, and their condition is stable. Their father has been detained by the police.

Balconies in Russian colours. Residents have concerns

We report practically every day on unusual incidents taking place in Russia. A few days ago, there was a loud discussion among residents of an apartment building in Novorossiysk, Russia. They fear they might become a target of a Ukrainian drone due to lighting in the colours of the Russian flag.

Ukraine has long been developing long-range drones, enabling it to strike targets on Russian territory.

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