NewsEurope battered by deadly storms: Swiss landslides claim two lives

Europe battered by deadly storms: Swiss landslides claim two lives

Strong downpours are sweeping through Switzerland. There are no shortages of victims.
Strong downpours are sweeping through Switzerland. There are no shortages of victims.
Marcin Lewicki

30 June 2024 13:52

Extreme weather conditions are sweeping across Europe. Storms with strong winds and heavy rain have not spared Switzerland. Due to landslides and flooding in the southern part of the country, two people have lost their lives. The search continues for a third individual missing in the disaster.

Since Saturday (29 June), Swiss authorities have been grappling with the aftermath of storms that have affected the entire continent. Roads are inundated, and local power plants struggle to supply electricity to homes and businesses.

According to the federal warning system Swissalert, a part of the canton is also without drinking water, according to AFP.

Heavy rainfall has even triggered landslides in the Fontana area of southern Switzerland. Unfortunately, two people have perished in the catastrophe. Their bodies were discovered by rescuers on Sunday (30 June). The fate of the third missing person remains unknown.

The search for the third individual is being obstructed by the adverse weather conditions, which remain perilous. Residents have been advised to minimise travel and avoid areas impacted by the disaster.

Additionally, landslides triggered by storms have been occurring in Switzerland since Saturday afternoon. They are primarily concentrated in the Maggia Valley.

IMGW warns of dangerous storms

In Poland, intense and dangerous weather conditions are also expected on Sunday. IMGW warns that one can anticipate hail, very strong winds, and heavy rainfall.

Meteorologists are advising people to stay indoors and secure loose items on properties and balconies. The stormy weather is affecting the entire country. Storms could persist until late at night.

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