SportsEngland Euro 2024: Walker's drama spills into the stands

England Euro 2024: Walker's drama spills into the stands

Lauryn Goodman was the lover of footballer Kyle Walker
Lauryn Goodman was the lover of footballer Kyle Walker
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Sebastian Szczytkowski

23 June 2024 20:24

Maybe the previous matches of the England national team in Euro 2024 haven’t been very eventful on the pitch, but the stands have certainly been attractive. Security ensured that at the stadium in Frankfurt, there was no encounter between Kyle Walker’s wife and his former lover.

Although the affair in Kyle Walker’s private life was widely publicised, let’s recap the key facts. In 2022, the England international married Annie Kilner, with whom he had been in a relationship for 12 years. The couple has four children. Kyle Walker did not remain faithful to his wife, and just over a year after their wedding, the affair came to light. The public in England learned about the footballer’s romance with Lauryn Goodman, which resulted in a daughter and a son.

The relationship with Lauryn Goodman did not end the marriage with Annie Kilner. The footballer publicly castigated himself and apologised to his long-term partner. As he said, he made "idiotic choices" in his personal life.

Though Lauryn Goodman no longer has the England international by her side, she used her five minutes of media fame to gain popularity. Currently, the mother of two of Kyle Walker’s children is also closely watched by fans eager to gossip about footballers’ lives.

Kyle Walker is currently in Germany for Euro 2024. Two women close to him have also gone in the same direction. At England’s 1-1 draw with Denmark, his wife Annie Kilner and former lover Lauryn Goodman were present. They both decided to support Kyle Walker in person.

English media reported that the security accompanying the WAGs received a particular task under these circumstances. They were to prevent any possible encounter between Annie Kilner and Lauryn Goodman at all costs. Otherwise, a severe altercation threatened at the stadium in Frankfurt. The women do not like each other and have been throwing mud at each other through the media.

Time will tell if both women will consistently roam Germany following Kyle Walker and the other members of the England team. Some fans are amused by another episode of the soap opera about the private life of the national team defender. Others are concerned whether the WAGs will cause further commotion at the football tournament.

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