NewsElephant fury: Trainer killed in brutal attack at Indian safari park

Elephant fury: Trainer killed in brutal attack at Indian safari park

An elephant in India killed its keeper.
An elephant in India killed its keeper.
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4 July 2024 20:37

A blood-curdling video has circulated on the internet. Surveillance footage shows a trainer being attacked by an elephant. The animal did not stop injuring the man until he was completely motionless.

Animals have been used to assist humans for years. Dogs search for people under rubble, help sick people with daily tasks in therapy dog programmes, and serve in law enforcement. Horses have bravely accompanied humanity in wars, battles, transport, sports, and hippotherapy. The most emotionally stable ones are employed in police and military services. Cats can be found in felinotherapy, although this form of animal therapy is the least popular. In Japan, unique cafes are being created where one can interact with rabbits, hedgehogs, or capybaras. Asia, on the other hand, is known for using elephants.

An Indian elephant administered justice to its caretaker

In early July, a video circulated on social media showing an elephant attacking a man. According to the "Daily Mail," the incident occurred on 20 June at an elephant safari park in southern India near Kallar in the Idukki region of Kerala. Moments earlier, the caretaker had reportedly been severely beating the 5-tonne elephant on its legs and issuing commands.

The enraged elephant knocked over its trainer and then repeatedly stepped on him. When the animal's caretaker, M Balakrishnan, was already limp, the elephant grabbed him by the neck with its trunk and threw him to the ground. The 62-year-old man died instantly. His body was subjected to an autopsy before being released to his family for a dignified burial.

The department of forestry of India calls for the closure of the safari park

The incident with the 5-tonne elephant sparked a discussion about the park's humanitarian aspects. The Department of Forestry has ordered the immediate closure of Kerala Farm, an attraction located in the Devikulam taluk village in Anaviratty. Indian authorities stated that closing the park was necessary to ensure the elephants' safety and welfare and investigate any potential violations of the elephant safari laws.

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