TechDrying clothes in a summer storm: A washing machine hack revealed

Drying clothes in a summer storm: A washing machine hack revealed

how to dry clothes in a washing machine, photo by Freepik
how to dry clothes in a washing machine, photo by Freepik

20 June 2024 16:49

Sometimes, you need a specific piece of clothing that you just washed, but it is still wet after taking it out of the washing machine. What should you do in such a situation, especially in the summer when using a heater is not an option? It may surprise you that an ordinary washing machine can also function as a... dryer. Here’s how to dry clothes in a washing machine.

Are you wondering how to dry laundry on rainy days with high humidity? Even in the summer, thunderstorms, rain showers, or strong winds can make drying laundry outside impossible. In such cases, an ordinary washing machine can become your quick dryer!

How to dry clothes in a washing machine?

If you want to dry your laundry faster, throw the wet clothes back into the washing machine and add a large, dry bath towel. It’s vital that the towel is not frayed and absorbs water well.

Next, turn on the spin cycle on the washing machine — preferably at the highest possible speed. After the cycle ends, you’ll notice that the towel has absorbed significant water from the clothes. Now, you only need a short time to dry them completely. Usually, just a moment on a hanger and possibly a quick blow-dry with a hairdryer does the trick. Significantly, the effectiveness of this whole method depends on the absorbency of the towel you use. It's also essential that it is larger than the wet clothing.

How to hang clothes on a drying rack to dry faster?

Using traditional clothing drying methods, you can also apply a few rules to speed up this process:

  • Before hanging clothes on the drying rack, shake them out and smooth them, allowing the water to evaporate from the fabric faster.
  • Maintain proper spacing between clothes; the more space, the better the air circulation and faster drying.
  • Use minimal wrinkling techniques — for example, hanging a shirt sideways along the side seam.
  • Unzip all zippers and pull pockets out so the air can freely circulate inside the clothes.
  • Do not dry heavy and light clothes together, as the former can retain moisture, delaying the drying of the latter.
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