EntertainmentDavid Duchovny bares all in their directorial debut "Reverse the Curse"

David Duchovny bares all in their directorial debut "Reverse the Curse"

David Duchovny will turn 64 this year.
David Duchovny will turn 64 this year.
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Basia Żelazko

8 July 2024 11:33

In his latest movie, David Duchovny strips down to his birthday suit. The 63-year-old actor intentionally wrote this scene for himself, and now he explains why.

David Duchovny wrote a book in 2016 and has now directed a film based on it, "Reverse the Curse." This combination of comedy and drama tells the story of Marty (Duchovny), a die-hard Red Sox baseball team fan. Marty's condition deteriorates when his team loses games and improves when they do well. His son Ted (Logan Marshall-Green) moves in with his sick father and fabricates recordings of Marty's beloved team winning. The film also features Stephanie Beatriz ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") and Pamela Adlon (you might know her from "Californication").

According to Variety, the film includes a scene where Marty and Ted undress in a locker room. Duchovny's character is completely naked. Unbothered by his own body, Marty asks his son, "Are you uncomfortable around your father?" In an interview promoting "Reverse the Curse," the actor and director revealed that it was important to him to show a man's body in his 60s.

"You can turn it into humor. You can look at horrific things with a sense of humor, and the humor comes from the fact that it’s going to happen to all of us," he said about the signs of aging visible on the body. "It’s not like some people age and some people don’t, some people die and some people don’t."

"If I’ve got one of my main characters — me — showing his naked body to his son and saying, ‘It looks like a dead sparrow where my cock should be,’ I find that funny," he added.

David Duchovny: famous roles

Although he starred in the iconic "Twin Peaks" by David Lynch, he gained the most fame as FBI agent Fox Mulder in the series "The X-Files," where he was partnered with Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully. He was associated with the FBI agent role for years. It wasn't until his role as a sex addict in "Californication" that he showed a different side of himself (sometimes literally due to numerous sex scenes).

Recently, he starred in the unfortunately poor romantic comedy with Meg Ryan, "What Happens Later." The film "Reverse the Curse" has received average reviews from critics but is well-regarded by audiences.

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