HealthDaily showers unnecessary: Experts reveal hygiene myths

Daily showers unnecessary: Experts reveal hygiene myths

How often should we bathe?
How often should we bathe?
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8 July 2024 17:49

Most of us believe that daily hygiene is an essential part of our routine. However, it turns out that not every part of our body requires washing every day. On the other hand, some areas are often neglected.

Personal hygiene is a key element of health care, and it seems that everyone knows how often and thoroughly they should bathe. But is that true? It turns out that there are still some ambiguities and neglect in this matter. Frequently repeated recommendations for daily baths of the whole body can be misleading, and some parts are regularly overlooked during washing, which can lead to unpleasant consequences.

According to an article on the Bright Side portal, daily baths are not the best for our bodies. The authors of the text published on the foreign service argue that only some parts of the body need regular care and washing, while others can come into contact with water a few times a week.

How often should you bathe?

Is bathing every day really necessary? Researchers think not necessarily. Many people do not need to wash their hair every day, and although the feeling of freshness after this activity is very pleasant, the type of hair determines the frequency of washing.

People with thin and delicate hair, which tends to get greasy, should wash their hair daily to avoid it becoming flat and forming "clumps". On the other hand, people with curly and dry hair can wash it less often.

Bright Side also points out that a daily shower is not necessary, especially a hot one. Although it is extremely relaxing after a hard and long day, too frequent warm baths can lead to irritation and dry skin. Most people should take a shower three times a week.

Body parts that we wash too rarely

There are certain body parts that are often neglected, even if we bathe daily. An example is the feet. Many of us think that just standing in the shower is enough to wash them, which is a misconception. Feet should be washed daily with warm water and soap to prevent cracked heels and calluses.

Another rarely washed body part is the tongue. Although many of us are aware of the need to brush our teeth and gums daily, few remember the tongue. As Bright Side emphasizes, the tongue has many papillae in which bacteria accumulate, leading to bad breath.

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