NewsChild's body found in Lower Saxony linked to missing Adrian

Child's body found in Lower Saxony linked to missing Adrian

photo for illustrative purposes
photo for illustrative purposes
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26 June 2024 18:08

A gruesome discovery was made by a farmer in Lower Saxony, Germany. While mowing his field, he found the body of a child. Two months earlier, a six-year-old boy had gone missing in the area. The police initially linked both events.

Six-year-old Adrian went missing over two months ago. The child left his home in Bremervörde-Elm in Lower Saxony on 22nd April.

The search for him involved the police, military, fire brigade, and many ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, the search for the six-year-old was further complicated by the fact that the child, being on the autism spectrum, neither speaks nor hears.

The disappearance of a six-year-old in Germany. A tragic discovery after two months

One of the farmers, living not far from the boy's home, made a gruesome discovery on Monday. During work on one of his meadows, he noticed something disturbing. At first, he mentioned "colourful objects," which he initially thought were rubbish.

However, as he later told the German newspaper "Bild": "I looked at it more closely and immediately realised that it was the body of a child."

The police were called to the scene, and the body was sent for examination. Many indications suggest that it is the body of the missing Adrian. It was found about 2 miles from the child's home. However, the area had been repeatedly searched by the authorities beforehand. It is still unclear how the tragedy and the child's death occurred.

This case, including the results of tests confirming the identity, is expected to be clarified within the next few days.

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