FoodChefs reveal secret ingredient for the tastiest chicken broth

Chefs reveal secret ingredient for the tastiest chicken broth

It's worth knowing this trick for the broth to have an exceptional taste.
It's worth knowing this trick for the broth to have an exceptional taste.
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7 July 2024 18:27

Most people like chicken broth, but when it's scorching hot, we usually swap it for cold soups. Once the heat has subsided, we can go back to cooking it. Maybe this time, you'll try an addition recommended by chefs. Thanks to this, chicken broth in restaurants has a unique flavour.

There are as many chicken broth recipes as there are ways and tricks to cook it. Each of us does it a little differently, and it’s no surprise because every detail counts. This addition might also seem small but significantly impacts the soup's flavour.

Not just for preserves

Many chefs recommend adding... vinegar to chicken broth. It's diluted acetic acid, which is mainly used in the kitchen for preserves due to its very sour taste. However, this acid also can dissolve connective and cartilaginous tissues found in meat. And that's precisely why master chefs prefer this addition to chicken broth. If you want to try their trick, choose the highest quality vinegar. It's not about its composition, as each contains acid that enhances the meaty aroma. You can opt for apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, or spirit vinegar.

Meaty aroma

Why add vinegar to chicken broth? The soup becomes tastier and has a better aroma. The vinegar should be added at the beginning of cooking the broth. This way, more components that influence its aroma and consistency are released from the meat. And importantly, no more than a tablespoon per pot is needed. It becomes utterly undetectable because its distinctive flavour evaporates during cooking. Lemon juice is a common substitute for vinegar. However, it won't work in this case; adding it can make the chicken broth too sour. This trick is also unsuitable for vegetarian broths since vinegar releases a meaty taste.

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