FoodButterfish on the menu: The hidden health risks of this popular dish

Butterfish on the menu: The hidden health risks of this popular dish

Butterfish - they taste good, but also burden the body and lead to numerous poisonings.
Butterfish - they taste good, but also burden the body and lead to numerous poisonings.
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28 June 2024 12:17

Butterfish is one of the most controversial food products on the market. Doctors and dietitians urge people to think twice before ordering this "delicacy" in a restaurant. Despite this, we are still too tempted by its good taste. We explain the risks associated with it.

Fish meat is a very beneficial meal choice. According to specialists, these aquatic creatures have an exceptionally positive effect on the human body, so eating them twice a week is an excellent way to stay in good health. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Some species of fish are more harmful than helpful to us. And it's not the famous Japanese toxic fugu fish but butterfish, which is sold extensively in restaurants.

Butterfish — tasty danger

One thing cannot be denied about butterfish: they are delicious. The problem is that this meal could cost us much more than just the price on the bill. Why? The devil is in the details, specifically, the micro-elements of butterfish.

Two species of butterfish—escolar and oilfish — are sold on the UK market. Both are called "butterfish" and are equally dangerous to the human body. The cause of this phenomenon is the harmful wax esters, which our digestive system cannot easily handle. According to some data, even 1 in 5 butterfish consumers end up with poisoning. It’s essential to be aware of the first symptoms.

Butterfish — poisoning

Just 3 hours after eating butterfish, the first consequences of this decision may appear. Acute, persistent diarrhoea should be a warning sign. Not only should you prepare yourself with electrolytes and other strengthening agents during diarrhoea, but also recognise that this may be just the beginning of the unpleasant effects of eating butterfish.

After the diarrhoea, your health may deteriorate further. Severe dizziness and headache, swollen tongue, and rash can often occur. In extreme cases, we may face breathing problems. This condition usually passes after 24 hours, but you must admit, it’s better to avoid it.

How to prevent butterfish poisoning? The simplest way you probably already know (don't eat these fish species), but if you must, we beg you—not to consume raw butterfish sold in some sushi restaurants. This is hardcore for the body, as representatives of countries like Italy and Japan knew. These countries have banned the sale of harmful butterfish. Perhaps we, as the UK, should consider this too?

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