SportsBizarre fan chaos leaves star Ramos injured in Portugal’s 3-0 win

Bizarre fan chaos leaves star Ramos injured in Portugal’s 3‑0 win

Curiosity. He rammed a footballer after the match. Everything in front of Ronaldo.
Curiosity. He rammed a footballer after the match. Everything in front of Ronaldo.
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Jakub Artych

23 June 2024 08:41

A bizarre situation occurred on the pitch after the match between Turkey and Portugal at Euro 2024. As the players were leaving for the changing rooms, security guards chased after fans who ran onto the field. Unfortunately, the Portuguese striker Gonçalo Ramos got hurt. The recording is circulating online.

Portugal gave Turkey no chance in the second round of group F at Euro 2024 and won 3-0 after goals from Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes and an own goal by Samet Akaydin.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was on the field, didn’t score but made one assist. Nevertheless, he was still the biggest star. A young fan ran onto the pitch to take a commemorative photo with his idol.

The boy impressed the audience in Dortmund and received thunderous applause for this daring action. The CR7 fan quickly reached the middle of the pitch, fulfilled his dream, and then dodged security. He nearly managed to get back to the stands.

After the match, another incident occurred. One of the security guards, trying to stop the rushing fan, collided heavily with Gonçalo Ramos. The 23-year-old instantly fell to the ground in pain.

The striker stood up by himself, but his health is unclear. The Portuguese national team has yet to comment on this incident.

The match was interrupted four times by fans running onto the pitch to take a photo with Cristiano Ronaldo, forcing the German referee, Felix Zwayer, to extend the game.

Chaos in Dortmund. Fans are in shock

After the referee's whistle ended the match, the incident involving Portuguese player Gonçalo Ramos summarised the chaos at Borussia Dortmund’s stadium, which can accommodate 80,000 spectators.

Fans reacted to these scenes on social media, both during and after the match.

One of them wrote: "The pitch invaders could have done much worse things than take a selfie." Another added: "What if Ramos gets injured because of this? It's laughable."

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