NewsBiden's family urges reelection push despite debate fallout

Biden's family urges reelection push despite debate fallout

The elections in the USA. Will Joe Biden withdraw from the race? The family is opposed.
The elections in the USA. Will Joe Biden withdraw from the race? The family is opposed.
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1 July 2024 10:44

On Sunday, Joe Biden's family met at Camp David, the U.S. president's retreat. The 81-year-old president's close relatives want him to continue fighting for re-election despite an unsuccessful first debate with Donald Trump. However, they debated whether any of his close associates should be dismissed.

Among those present at the Camp David meeting were the president's wife, Jill Biden, his son Hunter, and his grandchildren. The family is united. As the president's advisors conveyed to CNN, his close relatives want him to continue seeking the presidency.

The family reportedly has severe reservations about the performance of his campaign team and was considering whether anyone should be fired. Politico reports that the criticism was directed at Biden's top campaign advisors. The main criticisms are that Biden did not attack Trump, was too defensive, did not present a vision for a second term, was overworked, and did not get adequate rest before the face-off with Trump.

The Bidens reportedly had specific complaints about Anita Dunn, Biden's senior advisor, and her husband Bob Bauer, the president's lawyer who played Trump during the rehearsals at Camp David. Ron Klain, the former chief of staff who led the debate preparations, was also criticized.

Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz commented on these reports: "The aides who prepped the President have been with him for years, often decades, seeing him through victories and challenges. He maintains strong confidence in them."

Meanwhile, an anonymous presidential advisor, cited by Politico, stated that it is not true that the family's anger was directed at Biden's above associates - Anita Dunn, Bob Bauer, and Ron Klain.

CNN, meanwhile, writes that Biden is known for his loyalty and does not like to replace his close circle.

Biden-Trump debate. Disastrous for the U.S. president

The first Biden-Trump debate took place on 27 June. Most observers believe that the 78-year-old Trump decisively won despite a series of lies and disinformation spread during the discussion. Biden had trouble articulating and finishing sentences, which only fuelled ongoing debates about whether, at 81, he could be the president of the United States.

After the debate, many voices emerged suggesting that Biden should withdraw from the race and that the Democratic Party should quickly find another candidate. The newspaper The New York Times shares this view, publishing an editorial the day after the debate calling for Biden to withdraw from the election.

According to American media, the only person who could persuade Biden to step down is his wife, Jill. However, she strongly supports Trump's continuing to seek the presidency despite his defeat in the first debate with Trump.

The second debate is scheduled for 10 September. The presidential elections in the U.S. will take place on 5 November.

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