NewsBiden considers stepping down: Shockwave in the democratic campaign

Biden considers stepping down: Shockwave in the democratic campaign

Disastrous situation for Biden. Sensational reports have emerged
Disastrous situation for Biden. Sensational reports have emerged
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Maciej Zubel

3 July 2024 18:18

Turnaround in the United States. According to "The New York Times," Joe Biden stated in a conversation with one of his close associates that he realises "he may not maintain his candidacy." Contrary to earlier declarations, Biden is reportedly considering stepping down from seeking re-election.

The topic of changing the Democratic Party's candidate arose after the disastrous performance of 81-year-old Biden in the first televised debate. He appeared hoarse, spoke quietly, seemed lost at times, and occasionally lost his train of thought during the debate with Trump.

Just a day after the debate, Biden declared that he does not intend to withdraw from the election. However, it now appears that the issue of his immediate future remains open.

"New York Times" writes that everything will depend on how Biden performs in a series of interviews, meetings with voters, and press conferences planned for July.

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Biden's dire situation. "Concerns are growing"

As reported by the newspaper, citing an anonymous source close to Biden, "the president understands that after the debate, he is in a difficult situation." - Biden told an associate that he might not save his presidency if he does not convince the public in the coming days that he is the right candidate for the White House" - the "NYT" source relays.

The publication notes that "this is the first signal indicating that Biden is seriously questioning whether he can recover from the debate loss" against Donald Trump. "Concerns are growing not only about Biden's form in the election campaign but also whether he will be able to serve as president for the next four years" - writes the New York newspaper.

The White House still officially denies that Biden's resignation is being considered.

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