LifestyleBeware of "3-in-1" coffee: Hidden health risks in your morning brew

Beware of "3‑in-1" coffee: Hidden health risks in your morning brew

Don't drink that coffee, its composition is terrible.
Don't drink that coffee, its composition is terrible.
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10 July 2024 15:13

Many people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of aromatic coffee. It is essential to pay attention to the type of coffee we choose. Popular blends can have a very negative impact on our health.

For some, a morning without coffee simply doesn't exist. The drink helps increase blood pressure and wake up, setting an excellent start to the day. Many articles and studies about the health benefits of coffee are available online. However, these results do not apply to every type of coffee.

A popular product available in virtually every store can have nasty effects on us. It doesn't contain much actual caffeine but is filled with substances that contribute to health problems. So, what kind of coffee should we avoid?

Take care of your health and don't buy this anymore

It is highly recommended that you avoid "3-in-1" coffees, which can be found in practically every store. These sachets contain powder with milk, sugar, and coffee. In practice, we should read the ingredients of such inventions carefully and find out what each item means. Unfortunately, there is nothing good in them.

Most often, "3-in-1" coffees contain a lot of sugar and palm oil, which is considered the least healthy oil available on the market. Consuming large amounts of saturated fatty acids can lead to, among other things, higher cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, and an increased risk of obesity.

"3-in-1" coffee also contains very little caffeine, usually about 70-80 milligrams. No wonder you don't feel an energy boost after drinking it. It’s hard to call such a product coffee; "coffee drink" fits much better.

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