LifestyleBaking soda: The surprising solution for unwanted facial hair

Baking soda: The surprising solution for unwanted facial hair

A home remedy to get rid of a moustache
A home remedy to get rid of a moustache
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3 July 2024 12:09

The product you commonly use in baking also has lesser-known applications. It can help remove unwanted hair above your upper lip. This inexpensive and effective solution allows you to forget about this embarrassing issue quickly.

Dark hairs above the upper lip are a common concern that often negatively affects women's self-confidence. Of course, you can visit a specialist, but it usually requires time and money. The cheap alternative can be found in every kitchen. It is practical, safe, and costs just over a pound.

One product for a pound and numerous possibilities

Baking soda is a chemical substance with a wide range of uses, primarily in the kitchen and in cosmetology. It is effective in combating moustache hairs. More and more women praise its positive and quickly noticeable effects when removing unwanted hair.

Does the home trick work for every woman?

Baking soda is effective for removing moustache hairs for women with light and sparse hair and those with darker and thicker hair. Baking soda weakens the hair, which starts to fall out after regular treatments. Women with darker hair may need to wait longer for the results, but the method also works on thick, strong hair. It is recommended to use the baking soda solution for 3-5 days.

Removing mustache hairs with baking soda: Step by step

For best results, use baking soda as a liquid solution. One teaspoon of baking soda should be mixed with 250 millilitres of boiled, warm water. Then, a cotton pad soaked in the solution should be applied to the moustache area in circular motions. After application, the baking soda should be left on for 30 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.

Due to baking soda's exfoliating and drying properties, you should moisturise the treated area with a cream afterwards. This simple and inexpensive method can produce expected results in just a few days.

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