TechAlways keep a can of WD-40 in your car toolbox

Always keep a can of WD‑40 in your car toolbox

WD-40 for the car Photo:
WD-40 for the car Photo:

25 June 2024 14:46

Among dozens of other uses, WD-40 is also great for car maintenance.

Proper car care isn't just a monthly trip to the car wash. An appropriate approach is necessary to keep your vehicle looking great both inside and out. Stores often offer specialized products for different surfaces, but experienced drivers know this isn't always necessary. The famous blue and yellow products can work wonders.

Why it's worth having a can of WD-40 in your car

Although WD-40's original purpose was fighting corrosion, its capabilities don't end there. It works excellently on bug residue on the windscreen, which is often a challenge for many other products.

Additionally, it effectively removes old stickers and the unsightly adhesive marks they leave behind. WD-40 can also handle squeaky hinges, a frozen fuel cap, and dusty under-the-bonnet components. Regular use of this product can also eliminate the issue of hard-to-open doors.

If your upholstery has stains, WD-40 can also be helpful here. Simply spray the surface and wipe with a damp cloth. This can remove, for example, stains, dried chewing gum, or blood marks.

What should you avoid using WD-40 on?

However, this versatile product has a side effect worth remembering — it washes away grease. Using it on hinges or frozen parts can become ineffective and potentially dangerous in the long run. Lack of proper lubrication can result in dust accumulation in some areas, which could eventually lead to a mechanism blockage.

Online forums often advise against using it on bicycle chains, as it can cause severe damage. Similarly, it doesn't work well on rubber parts, which are sensitive to contact with this chemical.

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