SportsA heartwarming gesture towards Turkish fans by a German grandpa to ease the heartache of Euro 2024

A heartwarming gesture towards Turkish fans by a German grandpa to ease the heartache of Euro 2024

The behaviour of the German senior delighted Turkish fans.
The behaviour of the German senior delighted Turkish fans.
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Ewa Sas

23 June 2024 07:16

The ongoing Euro 2024 in Germany is the number one topic on the internet in Europe. Photos and videos are flooding social media – not just from the stadiums. And like the videos from the stadiums – they are immensely popular. One example is a video posted on the platform X by Maciej Iwanow, a sports journalist in Germany.

Saturday was judgment day for Turkey. The team faced off against Portugal at the Dortmund stadium. And they lost disastrously, 0-3—an own goal sealed Turkey's defeat.

However, the slim chances of victory bookmakers gave the Turkish team from the beginning did not dampen the fans' energy, who marched through the streets of Dortmund with cheerful songs on their lips.

One of the more charming moments of this march was stopping under the window of a certain German senior. With a slightly confused expression, the man gave the passing fans some "pocket money," or a small change he happened to have in his pocket.

In exchange, the fans gave the senior a Turkish flag, which he waved to the crowd's delight.

Grandpa giving pocket money to Turkish fans. I won’t see anything better today - wrote journalist Maciej Iwanow, who shared the video on his social media.

However, not everyone immediately understood what was meant by "pocket money."

Like for beggars outside the church? - asked one of the commenters.
No, here old grandpas often hand out 80 pence or £1.50 on various occasions. Usually to postmen and couriers, even if you're not going to them with a letter - explained Maciej Iwanow.
Turkish fans made even a German turn into a Turk for a moment - read the description of the original video.

Unfortunately, the extra fan did not bring luck to the Turkish team, which has been permanently eliminated from the Euro 2024 tournament.

Euro 2024: seniors win the internet

The undeniable winners of this year's Euro online are... seniors. A few days ago, a video surfaced online of Scottish fans charmingly "escorting" a senior with a walker, holding an umbrella over his head during a rainy afternoon.

With such videos, German seniors show they're not afraid to participate in daily life in their country, even when the streets are filled with colourful and loud fans. And that’s the best proof that football unites not only countries but entire generations.

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