Entertainment77-year-old sentenced to 48 years for killing climate activists

77‑year-old sentenced to 48 years for killing climate activists

He killed climate activists. The 77-year-old heard the verdict.
He killed climate activists. The 77-year-old heard the verdict.
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23 June 2024 13:39

Kenneth Darlington from the USA cold-bloodedly shot at protesting environmental activists in November last year. The man has now been officially sentenced.

Activism takes many forms, including peaceful marches, demonstrations, road blockades, banner hanging, sticker placement in public spaces, and event organizing. The most radical activists do not shy away from actions such as pouring paint on artworks, painting historical monuments or nature monuments, and destroying someone else's property—typically targeting large corporations and millionaires.

Climate activists, who seem ready to do anything to fight for the planet's health, are particularly controversial. Last Generation, Just Stop Oil, and Extinction Rebellion are just some of the international organisations loudly protesting the neglect of environmental concerns.

In November 2023, it was reported that activists blocked a road in Panama to protest the opening of an open-pit copper mine. Seventy-seven-year-old Kenneth Darlington, who was passing through, demanded that the activists let the cars pass. When they refused, the man shot at them several times. The lawyer killed two people.

77-year-old activist killer sentenced

One of Kenneth Darlington's victims died on the spot, and the other on the way to the hospital. The man was immediately detained and taken into custody. The Attorney General's Office announced on Tuesday, 11 June, that he was found guilty of intentional manslaughter and illegal possession of a firearm.

After the shooting, the murderer fled the scene, but journalists were present and recorded the moment he fired at the group of protesting activists. The 77-year-old has now been officially sentenced and received a sentence of 48 years in prison.

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