TechWindows 11 adoption struggles as Windows 10 dominates the market

Windows 11 adoption struggles as Windows 10 dominates the market

A frame from the Windows 11 presentation
A frame from the Windows 11 presentation
Images source: © Microsoft
Oskar Ziomek

1 July 2024 19:51

Although available for computers for over two years, Windows 11 has captured just under 30 percent of the market. Even though the system can be installed for free as an update to Windows 10 (provided hardware requirements are met), the popularity of the latest Windows might be surprising.

One might assume that these are not the statistics Microsoft was hoping for when Windows 11 hit the market—effectively, a refreshed Windows 10, which, by the way, will lose further support next year. According to the latest statistics from Statcounter, Windows 11 operates on only 29.7 percent of all Windows systems globally.

These statistics might be surprising because Windows 11 has been available for over two years, is likely available on every new computer or at least most of those on the primary market, and can, in principle, be installed for free by current Windows 10 users.

Popularity of Windows systems over the past year
Popularity of Windows systems over the past year© statcounter

In many cases, the problem may be incompatibility with the requirements, notably the well-known issue with the TPM 2.0 module, which prevents many people from using the free upgrade. Thus, Windows 10 remains the latest Microsoft system that can officially operate on a given device.

This is a big problem for users who want to maintain complete security. Since October 2025, Windows 10 has no longer received security updates. Indeed, not everyone will be able to afford a new PC by then.

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