LifestyleWhiten curtains effortlessly with this unexpected household item

Whiten curtains effortlessly with this unexpected household item

A homemade method for washing curtains
A homemade method for washing curtains
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9 July 2024 14:21

Many people dislike washing curtains. How can you make the material regain its colour without losing its quality? As it turns out, crush one tablet of a popular product, and the curtains will become snow-white.

Like a delicate veil, Curtains add lightness and subtle charm to interiors. However, they lose their original brilliance over time due to dust, sunlight, and accumulating dirt. It's also important to remember that curtains accumulate dust and pollen from outside, exacerbating allergies.

Instead of shining a clean white, they become greyish and dull. Fortunately, a specific method is gaining popularity. With this method, the curtains will quickly look like new.

How to wash curtains?

Of course, many special detergents can be found in stores, but traditional detergents can destroy delicate material and are often expensive.

On internet forums, many people recommend washing curtains with baking soda, which works excellent for whitening and removing yellow stains from clothes. When washing delicate curtains, you can also use it by putting it directly into the drum of the washing machine.

Add aspirin to the wash

Aspirin, available in sachets and tablets, is the secret ingredient for effectively washing curtains. It's worth crushing the tablets before adding them to the wash. Pour the aspirin into the washing machine drum with the curtains and set a delicate programme.

Thanks to its whitening properties, aspirin restores the curtains to a snowy white while removing stains and deposits without damaging delicate fabrics. However, aspirin has slightly corrosive properties, so one wash requires only one tablet or sachet.

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