TechWhatsApp makes HD the default: A new era for photo and video sharing

WhatsApp makes HD the default: A new era for photo and video sharing

Quality settings in WhatsApp
Quality settings in WhatsApp
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Oskar Ziomek

20 June 2024 01:21

WhatsApp introduces an eagerly awaited change related to photos and videos. Although it has been possible to send them in HD quality in conversations for some time, you had to select this option each time. From now on, WhatsApp allows you to choose the default quality in the settings.

WhatsApp introduced the possibility of sending photos and HD videos in June of last year. Users gained the ability to share materials with almost no compression – files are approximately 6 times larger, which translates to a longer sending time and more memory usage, but as a result, the recipient receives material close to the original. Compression is minimal, and to the "naked eye," photos and videos are simply clearer and have significantly higher resolution.

Since the feature was introduced to WhatsApp in 2023, many users have surely appreciated it and only sent materials to their loved ones this way. However, it was necessary to note that clicking the "HD" option was necessary each time when sending materials. Moreover, the button to enable higher quality was unfortunately placed in the interface, which could lead to frustration. WhatsApp has thus introduced a new feature – the preferred sending quality can now be permanently set in the options.

WhatsApp - ustawienia jakości zdjęć i filmów
WhatsApp - quality settings for photos and videos
WhatsApp - photo and video quality settings
WhatsApp - settings for photo and video quality

To change the default sending quality of photos and videos in WhatsApp, you need to go to the app's settings and then to the Storage and Data section. You will find the Media Upload Quality option in the middle of the list. Clicking it will display a pop-up window with two options. "Standard Quality" has been used by default for years when sending any media through WhatsApp. "HD Quality" offers better material quality and longer sending times due to the file size, which is significant when using cellular network connections.

Of course, it is essential to remember that the sending quality settings can still be changed each time you send materials in a given conversation. The ability to change the default setting will surely help those who generally want to send photos and videos via WhatsApp in HD quality, and only in justified cases (e.g., in areas with poor internet connection during holiday), use the standard quality setting.

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