LifestyleTourist ignored warnings, tragically trampled by elephants in South Africa

Tourist ignored warnings, tragically trampled by elephants in South Africa

The tourist enraged the elephants.
The tourist enraged the elephants.
Images source: © Getty Images | Michael J Cohen
Ilona Raczyńska

10 July 2024 15:44

A forty-three-year-old tourist was trampled to death by elephants in South Africa. "Despite warnings from his fellow passengers and occupants from two other vehicles that were at the sighting, he unfortunately did not heed their warnings," said the North West Parks and Tourism Board of South Africa.

The incident occurred over the weekend in Pilanesberg National Park, located about 200 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg.

He wanted to take a photo, now he's dead

The man was travelling through the park with three other people in his car. Suddenly, they noticed a small herd of elephants. The 43-year-old decided to take a picture of them, so he got out of the vehicle. To achieve the perfect shot, he approached the elephants, among which were three young ones. The elephants became agitated and reacted immediately, trampling the man.

"He unfortunately did not heed their warnings," said the statement from the North West Parks and Tourism Board of South Africa.

The police are already investigating the matter. So far, they have confirmed that the remaining passengers in the car, all from Johannesburg, were not injured.

As local media reminds us, attempts to defend young elephants are normal behaviour for them. Unfortunately, many tourists play with fate because they are unaware of these animals' dangers. Meanwhile, keeping a distance from elephants is the best way to ensure safety.

They died from elephant attacks

According to PAP, last year, due to wild animal attacks - mainly elephants - as many as 50 people died in neighbouring Zimbabwe, and 85 were injured.

This year in Zambia, elephants have killed at least two tourists from the United States, and on average, 12 people die each year for this reason.

Tourists often prey on elephants in Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Zambia.

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