FoodTips for picking the perfect watermelon this summer

Tips for picking the perfect watermelon this summer

Watermelon cut into triangles
Watermelon cut into triangles
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23 June 2024 13:08

Watermelon is one of the best fruits for hot weather because it refreshes. However, finding the perfect one is not always easy, especially when buying a whole fruit. Sometimes, after cutting it open, the flesh can be dry and tasteless, and the skin can resemble a sponge. There are ways to avoid such mishaps when shopping.

Why do watermelons taste so good on hot days? They are mainly composed of water, so they quickly quench thirst and cool the body. A piece of cold watermelon when the heat is blazing down from the sky is always a good idea. However, only a perfect watermelon can meet our expectations. While it is easy to judge which halved or quartered fruits look appetising, it becomes a bit more complicated with whole ones.

Buy watermelons whole

Why is it worth buying a whole watermelon? Mainly because it can be stored for much longer. If you decide to go for a smaller piece, you must eat it as soon as possible because it quickly loses its firmness and flavour. Wrapping it in foil is not recommended either. A whole watermelon keeps its good form much longer, even for a few weeks. So, you can buy it in advance, say during the week or the weekend. A cut watermelon, however, needs to be eaten almost immediately.

Which watermelon to choose?

The first thing we notice when buying a watermelon in the store is the size. It matters quite a bit. Small fruits are often not very sweet, while large ones are often overripe. So, it’s good to choose medium-sized fruits and check if they are heavy. The weight indicates that they have a lot of flesh and will be juicy. A good watermelon should also have a delicate, pleasant smell, especially at the lower end. If you smell an intense, overly sweet, or fermenting odour, it indicates that it is spoiled.

A simple way to a sweet watermelon

Also, look at the spot on the bottom of the fruit. It should be yellow; the watermelon is not ripe if it's white. The spot forms where the watermelon was touching the ground during ripening. The more yellow or orange the spot is, the riper the watermelon. The best watermelons have a dark green, intense colour and a slightly elastic rind that is not too soft or hard. Its characteristic yellow-brown streaks are a sign that the fruit is juicy.

Finally, tap or shake the watermelon. If the sound is deep, like a drum, you can buy it. If it’s silent, the fruit is unripe. Another detail that reveals a tasteless watermelon is the stem. The fruit will be less sweet and juicy if it's still green. It’s better to look for specimens with a brown spot where the stem grows.

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