LifestyleThe hidden dangers of face-popping: Beware the "triangle of death"

The hidden dangers of face-popping: Beware the "triangle of death"

Why is it not worth squeezing pimples?
Why is it not worth squeezing pimples?
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19 June 2024 20:29

Specialists regularly warn against popping pimples. The consequences of getting rid of pimples this way can be dire, especially in the case of one specific area on the face. What is the so-called "triangle of death"?

A healthy diet, properly chosen cosmetics, avoiding things that trigger allergies, reducing stress levels... These are just some of the factors that affect the condition of our skin.

People of all ages, not just teenagers, deal with pimples, including on the face. In both age groups, there are individuals who resort to squeezing imperfections.

The "triangle of death" is located on the face. dermatologist warns

Joshua Zeichner is a dermatology professor at Mount Sinai Hospital. The specialist explained in an interview with "Health" where precisely the so-called "triangle of death" is located - the area of the face connecting the nose with the corners of the mouth. The expert emphasises that this area is considered "particularly dangerous" due to its close connection to the brain. This area has "unusual venous drainage." This area contains blood vessels such as the facial vein, superior and inferior ophthalmic veins, and the angular vein. All of these are connected to the cavernous sinus located inside the skull.

"Moreover, the veins and venous plexuses in this area generally do not have valves, which can lead to reverse blood flow. In practice, this means that if squeezing a pimple were to lead to an infection, and that infection led to sepsis, the infection could spread very quickly through the blood vessels and cause intracranial complications," reads the mentioned site.

Oprah Winfrey herself once discussed the "triangle of death" with an expert on her show. Her guest then demonstrated exactly which area of the face belongs to this triangle.


According to experts, squeezing or even scratching the skin in the mentioned area can spread bacteria, which can enter our body and cause infections.

"The cavernous sinus is the name of the large vein that drains blood to the brain, creating a connection from our exterior to our interior (...). In the case you pick at a pimple and an infection develops, the worst scenario is that the infection spreads from the skin through the sinus," warned Professor Joshua Zeichner during the interview with "Health".

Symptoms of the infection can include fever, headache, swelling around the eyes, and uncontrollable eye movements.

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