AutosTesla issues urgent Cybertrack recall over wiper motor defect

Tesla issues urgent Cybertrack recall over wiper motor defect

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck
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Aleksander Ruciński

27 June 2024 10:33

Tesla has announced a significant recall concerning its latest product, the electric pickup known as the Cybertruck. The reason is minor issues that could, however, have hazardous consequences.

The main reason for the recall is the front windscreen wiper, which may fail and suddenly stop working. The issue concerns the wiper motor specifically. The first problems were detected in February 2024. In the following months, the cause was analysed.

It turned out that the problem did not lie in the mechanism itself but in the testing procedure, during which too much current was used, potentially damaging the printed motor boards.

Tesla decided to recall all Cybertruck models produced between 13 November 2023 and 6 June 2024 to detect the defect and possibly replace the board. According to the manufacturer, the problem affects about 2% of the vehicles. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is worth noting that a recall related to the cargo area trim parts is also being carried out simultaneously. Some of these parts can come off during driving, posing a risk to other road users. Tesla has promised to address this issue as well.

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