NewsStaying safe in nature: Tips to protect yourself from ticks this summer

Staying safe in nature: Tips to protect yourself from ticks this summer

How to deal with ticks?
How to deal with ticks?
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27 June 2024 07:24

The scorching weather encourages forest walks, but it's worth being cautious and appropriately protecting oneself from ticks. How can you do that? You can acquire this knowledge in a few minutes.

Ticks can lurk not only in the forest but also in the city—in parks, near small green spaces, and even among thick shrubs—anywhere green and moist.

Before walking in such areas, it's worth spraying yourself with an appropriate repellent - these can be purchased at pharmacies and some stores. However, this is not a one-hundred-per-cent guarantee that you will be protected from unwanted insects. What else can you do?

To make it harder for ticks to access your body despite high temperatures, it's worth choosing clothes that cover as much as possible. Optimal clothes are those in light colours, so later, you can easily spot the parasite on the fabric.

After returning home, taking a shower and shaking out your clothes is essential. Dr Anna Wierzbicka from Poznań University of Life Sciences advises performing both tasks thoroughly.

You need to check yourself. Everywhere. Ticks don't bite immediately. They usually need a few hours to find the right spot. (...) They can hide in seams or folds of pockets - as read on the profile of the Regional Directorate of State Forests.
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How to remove a tick?

Even following all the mentioned ways does not provide a full guarantee. So, what do you do if a tick has already settled on the skin? It's important not to panic, as not every insect carries diseases. What's next?

Not all popular home remedies are effective. Instead of burning the area with the tick or trying to smear it with greasy fluids, it's better to approach the matter more concretely.

The tick should be removed quickly and precisely from as small an area as possible. If it's too late, it's best to visit the doctor.

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