SportsSpanish squad groomed for victory: Top barber joins Euro 2024 prep

Spanish squad groomed for victory: Top barber joins Euro 2024 prep

Alejandro Oliva and Alvaro Morata in a group photo
Alejandro Oliva and Alvaro Morata in a group photo
Images source: © Instagram | Alejandro Oliva
Sebastian Szczytkowski

28 June 2024 15:58

Spain's representatives are paying attention to every detail before the knockout stage of Euro 2024. After a successful performance in the group stage, they decided to take care of their appearance for the upcoming matches. Hairdresser Alejandro Oliva flew to Germany from Madrid.

Alejandro Oliva is the favourite hairdresser of many Spanish footballers—in fact, not only them. Joao Felix, a Portuguese representative, appreciated Oliva's services when he joined FC Barcelona. Alejandro Oliva's clients include Alvaro Morata, Dani Carvajal, and Joselu.

Worried about the state of their hairstyles after several weeks of preparation for Euro 2024 and the tournament itself, the players decided to call Alejandro Oliva. The Spaniard found time in his busy schedule and agreed to travel from Madrid to Germany.

This is not Alejandro Oliva's first such assignment. He also cared for the Spanish representatives' appearance during the World Cup in Qatar. Back then, he travelled an even longer distance to their training camp.

The Spaniard will not be short of tasks, as 30 people - players and members of the coaching staff - have requested a trim or styling. Even if Alejandro Oliva works on each head for just a quarter of an hour, he will spend the entire afternoon with the team.

The result of the work of the owner of La Barberia de Oliva studio in Madrid can be seen on Sunday evening. At 8 PM, the match between Spain and Georgia for a place in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024 will begin. The team from the Iberian Peninsula will be the favourite against the debutant, but they have already caused one sensation in the tournament by defeating Portugal.

For Alejandro Oliva, meeting the Spanish representatives is a good promotion and an opportunity to talk before the key matches. The Madrid resident is an avid fan and closely watches every performance of La Roja.

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