NewsSea lion scare in San Diego: Tourists warned not to approach

Sea lion scare in San Diego: Tourists warned not to approach

An enraged sea lion attacked beachgoers in California.
An enraged sea lion attacked beachgoers in California.
Images source: © TikTok
Bartłomiej Nowak

4 July 2024 14:03

A sea lion attacked people swimming in the water on the beach in San Diego. The video footage shows why the animal behaved this way. City authorities warn people not to approach or provoke these marine mammals.

A hazardous situation occurred on the beach in San Diego. When the sea lion charged towards them, dozens of terrified tourists ran for safety. A TikTok user accidentally recorded the enraged animal.

Visited La Jolla, CA this weekend to see the Sea Lions in their (natural) habitat and to learn more about these ‘protected’ ecosystems. The people were peopling and this big guy was NOT having it - wrote the user.

Fortunately, the sea lion only scared the beachgoers, and no one was injured. Why did the animal decide to scare the beachgoers? Its instinct was triggered.

A woman recorded the surprising event at the end of June. The situation occurred on the beach at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. At the beginning of the video, you can see an adult sea lion swimming near the shore with its young.

Most likely, people approached or swam too close. The animal felt something threatened it, and it was young. And it reacted instinctively. It's a miracle that no one was harmed. Especially since, besides those who fled, a few brave individuals wanted to confront the animal. One such individual was the man in blue swim trunks who tried to stop the sea lion—with an open hand gesture.

Approaching sea lions is particularly dangerous during the summer months. Their breeding season lasts from early May to late October, and the animals should not be disturbed during this time. San Diego authorities have been warning and trying to raise awareness about the danger of being near wild animals in this area for years.

Members of the public have been observed trying to touch, take ‘selfies,’ and get as close to sea lions as possible, which is potentially dangerous for not only the public, but also the animals. Human interactions with adult sea lions and their young may result in injury to, and/or abandonment of, sea lion offspring, as well as aggressive behavior from adult sea lions – explain the city authorities in a special statement.
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