NewsScammers exploit users: Experts issue stark warning

Scammers exploit users: Experts issue stark warning

Scammers are impersonating
Scammers are impersonating
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10 July 2024 16:26

Experts from NASK warn against scammers who prey on people searching for accommodation on well-known services. Users of should be particularly cautious. Experts indicate how one should proceed.

The Institute of Scientific and Academic Computer Network Research warns about a campaign in which fraudsters attempt to take over the accounts and money of internet users using the service.

Scam on Booking. experts raise the alarm

Experts explain that scammers use previously hijacked accounts of properties listed on and then, using the obtained data, send messages to people who have booked accommodation there. In the sent message, they informed about the need to confirm the reservation, threatening its cancellation.

It is reminded that to protect against harmful effects, you should carefully check the address of the site where you enter your login details. It is emphasised that in the discussed case, a domain similar to the actual website address of the service was prepared, but closer inspection reveals the forgery. targeted by scammers again

However, is not targeted by scammers for the first time. As we reported, fraudsters impersonate this service and offer simple remote work for several minutes daily, which is supposed to bring significant profits.

In reality, fraudsters rely on customers' inattention. Tipped off by the vision of quick earnings, they will make a transfer. Subsequently, their goal is to gain access to online banking, allowing them to withdraw all the money accumulated in the victim's account.

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