NewsRussian forces place missile system dangerously close to beach in Crimea

Russian forces place missile system dangerously close to beach in Crimea

New tactic of the Russians. They set up military equipment on the beach
New tactic of the Russians. They set up military equipment on the beach
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Sara Bounaoui

1 July 2024 23:01

Russian armed forces stationed on the occupied territory of Crimea have decided to deploy an anti-aircraft missile system near a beach in Sevastopol. This is another action that carries potential danger for civilians, writes Atesh, the Ukrainian-Tatar resistance movement operating on the peninsula.

"The Rashists (Russians) have once again chosen an 'ideal' location for deploying their anti-aircraft system. This time, the missile system is located right above the beach, which again poses a threat to the local community", stated Atesh on the Telegram platform, where they also posted photos of the setup.

Atesh reminded that Ukrainian armed forces regularly attack Russian radar stations and missile systems in Crimea.

These actions aim to "create a corridor" to the bridge over the Kerch Strait, which connects the peninsula with Russia. "The countdown of the final moments of the 'illegal structure' has begun," announced the Crimean partisans.

Attack in Crimea. People died on the beach

On 23rd June, the occupation authorities in Crimea reported a Ukrainian missile attack on Sevastopol. As a result of this attack, four people were killed, and 151 were injured.

Russia accused the United States of supplying the weapons used in the attack. According to Russia, at least two children were killed in the attack. Russia also claims that American military specialists were responsible for guiding the missiles and providing data for them. One of the missiles was shot down over the beach.

Russians want to stop attacks in Crimea

Experts from the Institute for the Study of War believe that the Russian army is likely deliberately placing military objects near civilian areas in Crimea in an attempt to stop Ukrainian attacks.

The analysis emphasised that the Russian authorities are irresponsibly encouraging tourist trips to the occupied Crimea during the war, even though the Russian army continues to use the occupied peninsula as a rear base.

Sevastopol, located on the west of the Crimean Peninsula, is the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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