NewsPutin's diplomatic charm: Gifting luxury to Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang

Putin's diplomatic charm: Gifting luxury to Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang

Vladimir Putin is Kim Jong Un's driver.
Vladimir Putin is Kim Jong Un's driver.
Images source: © PAP | KCNA
Bartłomiej Nowak

20 June 2024 20:43

Vladimir Putin has decided to strengthen his friendship with Kim Jong Un. The Russian leader invited the North Korean leader for a ride in a Russian limousine. Surprisingly, Putin was driving the car. Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un smiled broadly from the passenger seat. The culmination of this event was gifting the car to the North Korean dictator.

The two-day Russian diplomatic mission in North Korea ended on Wednesday, 19 June. Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un signed a mutual military aid agreement.

The Russian leader appeared in Pyongyang for the first time in over 20 years. The visit was filled with many gestures of friendship between the two nations.

On the final day of the Russian diplomatic mission in the world's most isolated country, Putin decided to please Kim Jong Un one last time. It is well-known that the dictator from Pyongyang has a weakness for automobiles. Therefore, the Russian leader invited his host for a ride in a luxurious Russian limousine.

Putin as Kim Jong Un's driver

The video of the ride was published by Russian television. It shows Putin driving the exclusive Aurus Senat limousine with Kim Jong Un sitting in the passenger seat. They both drove through a park in Pyongyang with smiles on their faces. At the end, the dictator from the world's most isolated country was even more delighted. The Russian leader gifted him the car they had driven.

Aurus Senat is a product of Russian technology. The car weighs 7.5 tons and is 7 metres long. The limousine has 598 HP and a maximum torque of 880 Nm, all-wheel drive, and a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Kim's impressive car collection (despite sanctions)

Kim Jong Un possesses a large collection of luxurious foreign cars. They were most likely smuggled into North Korea, as UN Security Council resolutions prohibit the export of luxury goods to that country.

The dictator has been seen in a Maybach and several Mercedes cars. It is also known that his collection includes a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a sporty Lexus. In February, Putin gifted Kim an Aurus Senat. Since 19 June, the dictator has had two such limousines in his garage.

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