LifestylePublic proposal gone awry: Romantic moment at Sacré-Cœur turns viral

Public proposal gone awry: Romantic moment at Sacré-Cœur turns viral

They recorded a disastrous engagement. The fiancé did not hide his disappointment.
They recorded a disastrous engagement. The fiancé did not hide his disappointment.
Images source: © TikTok
Beata Bialik

5 July 2024 12:46

This wasn't the finale a romantic tourist expected when he knelt before his chosen one right next to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica on Paris's Montmartre in front of a crowd. The bystanders recording the entire scene were astonished as the girl ran away...

A short video from Paris could be titled "The Runaway Fiancée." It shows a young man clad in a burgundy suit kneeling before his beloved on the terrace of the famous basilica, taking out an engagement ring.

However, his sweetheart's reaction is far from expected. A confused woman runs away, passing by gathered onlookers, leaving the fiancé in the middle of the terrace.

The man, as seen in the recording, cannot hide his emotions and moments after the event, he collapses to the ground, crying. Random people can be seen consoling him.

The recording made its way online through a TikTok profile named Todonoticias. The profile's authors summarised it as follows:

The man proposed to his girlfriend, and she got scared. The failed proposal was captured by a TikTok user at the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre, Paris. The heart-wrenching moment gathered more than 7 million views in one day - it reads.

"Lesson one: do not propose in a crowd," comment the internet users, while someone adds that the video is every man's worst nightmare come true. Despite this, not everyone believes in the recording's authenticity.

The worst acting I’ve seen in a long time - writes one of the profile's followers.

"One should never do this publicly or without a deep conversation and mutual agreement between both," adds another person.

What about you, what should the confused boy do in such a situation?

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