NewsPresidential debate debacle: Biden struggles, EU leaders decide

Presidential debate debacle: Biden struggles, EU leaders decide

Joe Biden didn’t perform well. Sharp criticism.
Joe Biden didn’t perform well. Sharp criticism.
Katarzyna Bogdańska

28 June 2024 07:14

Here's what happened while you were sleeping. Here is what global agencies reported during the night from Thursday to Friday.

The number one event is the presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. According to CNN, politicians from the Democratic Party are dismayed by the current president's performance. Voices are suggesting whether they should change their candidate. Party activists are considering asking the president to withdraw from the election race. Joe Biden mumbled, regularly stuttered, briefly lost his train of thought at one point, and went silent, according to an American media report. Regarding Biden's performance, American correspondent Martha Kelner said it might have been the worst performance of any candidate in a presidential debate. Kamala Harris said that Joe Biden had a "slow start" but a "strong finish". In a conversation with CNN, she mentioned that she did not intend to talk only about the last hour and a half but also about Biden's speeches in recent years. It was explained that Biden had a cold.

The American debate was not short of tensions and sharp exchanges. Emotions were sparked, among other things, by the topic of the war in Ukraine.

  • The head of Russia's Investigative Committee, Aleksandr Bastrykin, boasted that Russian authorities are using foreigners to conduct the war in Ukraine. It turns out that migrants are being sent to the front to dig trenches.
  • The leaders of European Union countries have agreed to fill key EU positions. Ursula von der Leyen will be re-elected as President of the European Commission for a second term, Antonio Costa will be President of the European Council, and Kaja Kallas will be Head of the EU's diplomatic service.

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