FoodPersistent hunger: Dietitian reveals 13 common mistakes to avoid

Persistent hunger: Dietitian reveals 13 common mistakes to avoid

Do you constantly feel hungry? Dietician lists potential causes
Do you constantly feel hungry? Dietician lists potential causes
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21 June 2024 22:32

Persistent hunger is a bane for everyone trying to shed excess pounds. Why is it so notorious? Perhaps it is a simple mistake in the set diet. A psycho-dietitian recently pointed out such potential mistakes. It's worth knowing them.

The weight loss process is no joke. On one hand, the matter seems simple: it's just a matter of maintaining a calorie deficit. On the other hand, well, we know how it is. Resolutions are resolutions, and the body's loud demand for its needs is something else entirely.

For some people, the sensation of hunger may be stronger than for others. Why do they continuously feel like they need to eat something? Why doesn't the stomach give peace and constantly demands more and more? Marta Skoczeń, a dietitian and psycho-dietitian decided to shed some light on this issue by listing 13 of the most common causes of constant hunger. Perhaps one of them applies to you? It's worth checking out!

The dietitian on the causes of persistent hunger

Here are the causes of constant hunger according to Marta Skoczeń:

  1. Too little protein in the diet. As the specialist writes on her blog, this component is responsible for controlling appetite and reducing body weight. Skoczeń recommends spreading the daily protein requirement across all meals, in portions of around 30 grams each.
  2. Too few vegetables. If you thought vegetables were just vitamins and minerals, know that you were mistaken. An adequate amount of vegetables in the diet provides us with dietary fibre: a plant-derived substance that results in a long-lasting feeling of fullness.
  3. Too little fat. Surprised? The psycho-dietitian emphasises that people trying to lose weight often strive to completely eliminate fat from their diet, while it is a component that slows down the digestion of foods. So it's worth being moderate in its reduction.
  4. Too little water. So prosaic yet so important. Drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily can work wonders. The dietitian put it this way: you won't get full on water, but you'll eat too little of it. Simple, right?
  5. Too few calories. We often associate weight loss with exercise and movement. Low-calorie meals will become a real nuisance for us in the long run. Snacking in such situations is more than certain.

Additionally, the dietitian listed potential causes of persistent hunger such as too monotonous a diet, lack of focus on the meal, poor quality of sleep, hormonal imbalances, lack of rest, and psychological factors — for example, stress or fear.

Constant hunger? There could be many causes
Constant hunger? There could be many causes© Canva | g-stockstudio
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