AutosOrigine unveils 2024 helmet lineup with fresh designs and new features

Origine unveils 2024 helmet lineup with fresh designs and new features

Origine Strada
Origine Strada
Images source: © Origin
Szymon Jasina

23 June 2024 15:03

Helmet manufacturer Origine has refreshed its lineup for 2024. For this season, models have been prepared with the new ECE 22.06 homologation, but what is more noticeable are the new paint jobs. The Italian brand's catalogue includes both classic open-face helmets and closed models.

The update for 2024 includes the most classic model from Origine. This Primo open-face helmet will perform well, for example, while riding a scooter, but will also be suitable for classic motorcycles such as scramblers, café racers, or cruisers. Its old-school look is enhanced by a removable visor, which can be replaced with a bubble shield. At the back of the helmet is a valuable strap for goggles, and the removable cheek pads and entire lining make cleaning and washing the interior easier. In addition to the new homologation for this season, Origine has prepared new paint jobs: Star Titanium Matt Black and Solid Matt Black. The price of this helmet starts from £75.

The second model updated for the 2024 season is the Origine Strada, the basic full-face helmet from the Italians. It has practically everything one would expect from such a model, including a stabilising spoiler and a retractable sun visor, and the manufacturer also ensures that proper ventilation is taken care of. Additionally, it comes with a breath deflector, and it is possible to install an accessory pin lock. The new paint jobs for 2024 are Fearless Black Matt, Solid Black Gloss, and Solid White Gloss, and the price of the Strada helmet starts from £75.

Origine has created the Palio 2.0 model for those looking for an open urban helmet but prefer more modern-looking structures with a large retractable visor. This helmet also has a stabilising spoiler and a built-in sun visor. The paint jobs available in 2024 are Solid Black Matt, Solid Titanium Matt, Solid White Gloss, Solid Techy Black Titanium, and Solid Techy Fluo Yellow-Black. Notably, the size range has been expanded to include XXL. The Palio 2.0 helmet costs from £60.

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