AutosOlena Zelenska Bugatti hoax: Debunking the Russian disinformation

Olena Zelenska Bugatti hoax: Debunking the Russian disinformation

Bugatti Tourbillon
Bugatti Tourbillon
Images source: © Autokult | Materiały prasowe Bugatti
Aleksander Ruciński

4 July 2024 13:31

Recently, the media circulated information about Olena Zelenska's alleged controversial purchases. The wife of Ukraine's president was said to have acquired a brand new Bugatti Tourbillon for £3.8 million. Representatives from the brand itself have addressed the matter.

The rumours result from actions by Russian media, spreading propaganda and disinformation. The news about the alleged purchases made by the First Lady of Ukraine appeared on the French-language site "Verite Cachee France." The problem is that this site has only existed for a few days, and the content posted there clearly shows signs of being "fake news."

The Ukrainian Centre for Countering Disinformation (CPD) and the French representation of Bugatti immediately refuted the matter. The Paris dealer emphasised that they never sold a Tourbillon model to Olena Zelenska and condemned the Russian propaganda.

It is worth mentioning that both the transaction and the private showcase for the First Lady could not have taken place for another reason—the Tourbillon debuted on June 20, 2024, and orders will not start before 2025.

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