Entertainment"MaXXXine" trailer causes a sensation with 10 million views

"MaXXXine" trailer causes a sensation with 10 million views

Will the film "MaXXXine" with Mia Goth conquer the cinemas?
Will the film "MaXXXine" with Mia Goth conquer the cinemas?
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Magdalena Drozdek

27 June 2024 20:07

The first trailer of the film "MaXXXine" was viewed 10 million times. That was just a taste of the horror expected to be full of intense scenes. Initial reactions to the new production featuring Mia Goth are already coming in.

"MaXXXine" is one of the most anticipated films among many critics and viewers. It's no surprise - the previous two horror films won the hearts of millions of viewers. This might sound somewhat unusual for a horror movie, but "X" and "Pearl," deviating from mainstream cinema, were well-received by reviewers, and the box office results were satisfactory enough that it was clear director Ti West would deliver at least one more story with Mia Goth in the lead role. The trailer for "MaXXXine" only heightened the interest.

"MaXXXine" full of brutal scenes

"X" told the story of aspiring filmmakers from the '80s who rented a secluded house in Texas to shoot their first pornographic film. The eccentric and elderly landlords quickly become interested in their guests, and their curiosity soon turns into a dangerous obsession.

A few months later, "Pearl" - a prequel to "X" - hit the screens. Its plot is set in 1918. The main character lives on a farm in Texas with her paralysed father and despotic mother. She dreams of escaping from the countryside and becoming a star. Critics noted that Pearl's story is about dreams and ambitions and descending into madness.

This time in "MaXXXine," we will see how Pearl (Mia Goth) - the sole survivor of the massacre - goes to Los Angeles to start a career as an actress. "I always wanted to be famous," says the titular character during a casting call, as it quickly becomes evident that she is already a well-known actress in the pornographic film industry. While Maxine attempts to launch her career in Hollywood, a psychopathic killer roams the streets of the City of Angels.

The trailer caused a huge stir among internet users. It was viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube. It promises several intense scenes, which reviewers who saw the new West film before its official release are already writing about.

A "Guardian" reviewer writes about a "porno-horror" in which the show is stolen not by Mia Goth, but by Elizabeth Debicki, who plays the role of a British director. "It is of course the fate of any actor who ever plays a member of the British royal family to be haunted by that persona afterwards, and it’s impossible to watch Debicki’s imperious performance without thinking that The Crown’s Princess Diana must have somehow got a gig directing a horror film, perhaps embittered by her marriage to Charles, being mean to the crew in that estuary-posh voice and laying down the law about the correct way blood has to spurt from various orifices" - we read. Early on, "The Guardian" notes that the film is full of sex, blood, fear, and gore scenes - an additional warning.

"Deadline," on the other hand, points out that it's a genre play that overly portrays how women are depicted in Hollywood. And "The Hollywood Reporter" writes about a tribute to the films of the '80s. They emphasise that Mia Goth is the new queen of horror, the so-called scream queen. "In the space of just two years, the actress and her director have cooked up a highly entertaining slasher trilogy that nods back to the past while striding forward into the meta future, deliciously skewering the pursuit of fame and the lure of desire with a subversive take on female objectification and an outpouring of love for the craft of moviemaking" - we read.

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