EntertainmentDestroy Lonely's £38k diamond cross: eBay listing stuns fans

Destroy Lonely's £38k diamond cross: eBay listing stuns fans

The rapper's cross appeared on eBay for 50 thousand dollars.
The rapper's cross appeared on eBay for 50 thousand dollars.
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Konrad Siwik

10 July 2024 20:04

The famous rapper Destroy Lonely recently lost his pendant with an inverted diamond cross. The missing necklace surfaced on eBay, reaching a staggering price of £38,000. Fans of the rapper are expressing their astonishment and outrage over the entire situation.

Lost items are a common occurrence at concerts and festivals. Smartphones, wallets, keys, and smaller trinkets often disappear irretrievably after a great party. This affects the attendees and the artists who provide the entertainment. Some time ago, Taco Hemingway lost a ring belonging to his partner. Loyal fans who found it returned it to him almost immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Lost diamond cross found on eBay... for £38,000

Destroy Lonely, a famous rapper known for his distinctive style and jewellery, recently lost his pendant with an inverted diamond cross during one of his concerts. To many people's surprise, the missing cross appeared on eBay, listed for a staggering £38,000. This unusual situation quickly caused a stir among fans and the music community.

Numerous comments appeared on social media expressing surprise that someone decided to sell the stolen necklace for a high price. One of the most frequently repeated comments is "Crinegotgloveslike stole it," which ironically references the well-known phrase and the situation where stolen jewellery is sold on an online auction. It's no wonder, as the listing photo shows the cross being held by a gloved hand.

Many fans emphasise that this situation is a testament to Destroy Lonely's growing popularity. His unique style and characteristic accessories attract attention not only from fans but also from thieves.

Fans hope the rapper will recover the cross

The theft and sale of the necklace on eBay could have various consequences for Destroy Lonely's career. On the one hand, this incident underscores his rising popularity and the value of his image. On the other hand, it may signal the artist and his team to take better care of their personal belongings in the future.

Destroy Lonely has yet to comment publicly on the entire matter, but his fans are hoping for a swift resolution and the artist's recovery of the necklace. Meanwhile, discussions about the theft and sale of the necklace on eBay continue, highlighting the controversies surrounding the incident. Expectations are high that the rapper will take steps to secure his belongings and avoid similar situations in the future.

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