EntertainmentIShowSpeed vows to avoid Norway after chaotic fan attack

IShowSpeed vows to avoid Norway after chaotic fan attack

IShowSpeed attacked in Norway
IShowSpeed attacked in Norway
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Konrad Siwik

4 July 2024 12:26

IShowSpeed vows never to return to Norway after a crowd of fans attacked him. A sprained ankle, torn hair, a bruised head, and a damaged car were the challenges the streamer faced during his stay in this Scandinavian country.

The famous American streamer iShowSpeed, travelling across Europe as part of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, experienced one of the worst incidents in his career during his stay in Norway. It all began on 3 July when Speed was live streaming from a souvenir shop in Oslo, observing the crowd of fans gathered outside.

Chaos in the streets of Oslo. "I think I've just broken my ankle"

Speed encouraged his fans through the window to chant Cristiano Ronaldo's famous "Siu" shout during the stream. While jumping with joy, he unfortunately hit a low windowsill, causing severe pain in his foot. "I think I've just broken my ankle," Speed repeated, holding his leg.

Following this incident, Speed was carried by a security guard to the mass of fans waiting outside. The crowd immediately surrounded him, chanting his name and reaching out towards him insistently. This made the streamer panic and call for calm as he was separated from his cameraman. Footage showed fans standing on the roof of a car. Upon seeing Speed, one of them jumped towards him, almost knocking his head off. In the background, Speed could be heard mainly shouting for help and calm.

In the chaos, Speed also faced people who tried to get into his car. – "Ah, ah, ah, get me back, get me back! Stop, stop! Ow! My hair, my hair!" – shouted Speed to his ignoring "fans".

The worst day of Speed's life

After breaking free from the crowd and getting into the car, Speed described his visit to Norway as "the worst day of his life". – "They f**cking pulled my hair out and threw piss on me," he shared on Twitter. "Some random f***king dude jumped in my car and started tweaking. Bro, I am never coming to this f**king country again, I swear to god. I promise on god I am never coming to this f**king country. For real, bro" – lamented Speed.

Slipz, Speed's cameraman, also addressed the incident on platform X, writing: "This is not love. knowing Speed has just broke his foot and still assaulted him trying to exit. almost seriously injured Speed, myself & our ground team. Damaged our vehicle. Broke windows at an innocent shop. This is the worst reception of any country thus far. Be better humans" – he appealed, showing a photo of Speed's swollen ankle in a subsequent post.

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