EntertainmentHow Hawk Tuah Girl turned viral fame into a new life

How Hawk Tuah Girl turned viral fame into a new life

How has Hailey Welch's life changed after the famous HAWK TUAH?
How has Hailey Welch's life changed after the famous HAWK TUAH?
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Konrad Siwik

6 July 2024 17:21

Hailey Welch, also known as Hawk Tuah Girl, gained enormous fame after a viral recording in which she made a famous statement. This recording drastically changed her life, bringing both positive and negative consequences. In one of the videos posted on social media, Hailey talked about the changes that have taken place in her life since then.

The answer to a straightforward question changed Hailey Welch's life by 180 degrees. The 21-year-old American revealed a way to make a man go crazy in bed. "Oh, you gotta give him that 'hawk tuah' and spit on that thang," she stated. The Internet went wild about her.

The recording quickly gained popularity on social media, becoming a meme and sparking numerous speculations about Hawk Tuah Girl. Internet users started to weave various theories about her personal life, including her supposed work and family relationships. Hailey denied all the rumours on Brianna LaPaglia's "Plan Bri" podcast.

How has Hailey Welch's life changed since the famous Hawk Tuah?

Hailey Welch's life underwent dramatic changes after the viral recording. Although gaining fame brought her many benefits, she faced new challenges. In the recording published online, she pointed out the biggest changes in her life since making the famous statement.

The first significant point that changed Hailey's life was overcoming her fear of public performances. She sang in front of 80,000 people with Zach Bryan, and although she can't sing, "she did it anyway," admits Hailey. Breaking her limitations became a huge step forward, allowing further personal and professional growth.

Another significant change was quitting her job. Hailey left the spring factory, which gave her more freedom in her daily life. "I don't have to eat Taco Bell all the time, but I'm gonna do it anyways," jokes Hailey, emphasising how much she now values independence and the ability to choose.

The rise in popularity forced Hailey to take more excellent care of her appearance. "I have to get ready more than one time out of the week. I am not allowed to look like Adam Sandler anymore," laughs Hailey. This is a new dimension of everyday life imposed on her by her newly acquired fame.

The dark side of fame. Paparazzi, rumours, and fake accounts

However, not everything is so rosy. Hailey mentions problems with paparazzi who camp outside her house. "I have to convince my paw paw not to shoot the paparazzi outside our house every day," she says with humour and slight irritation. Annoying journalists have become a daily nuisance for her and her family.

Other issues Hailey has to deal with are fake accounts and rumours circulating about her. Hailey firmly denies having an account on the fan platform OnlyFans. "Stop asking me for the link in bio to my OnlyFans, I don't have OnlyFans, there will never be an OnlyFans," she explains. Additionally, she struggles with numerous impersonations of her online.

Hailey also expressed her dissatisfaction with fake merchandise. "Any of you selling or purchasing merchandise online, it's not from me. It's not approved by me, and it's counterfeit, and I'm not making a damn dime off of any of it," she says decisively. However, she has a solution for this – she has hired a manager and a lawyer to combat this practice and plans to launch an official shop with authorised merchandise.

Hawk Tuah Girl has become an example of how a viral moment can change a life. Despite the difficulties and challenges that fame brings, Hailey remains authentic and full of energy, ready to face new adventures.

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