EntertainmentHawk Tuah Girl: How a random interview became a viral sensation

Hawk Tuah Girl: How a random interview became a viral sensation

Hawk Tuah Girl takes the internet by storm
Hawk Tuah Girl takes the internet by storm
Images source: © Youtube | Tim & Dee TV
Jakub Tyszkowski

26 June 2024 18:11

Millions of views, hundreds of copies and remixes, countless comments. Hawk Tuah Girl is a woman who has captured the imagination of internet users. It all started with a street survey aimed at an adult audience.

Disasters, accidents, betrayals, affairs, and deaths of celebrities and actors. These are topics that consistently generate a lot of interest on the internet. Sometimes, however, something completely random gains enormous popularity, a phenomenon that is difficult to explain. This time, Hawk Tuah Girl has become an international phenomenon. Who is she? What's it all about?

Hawk Tuah Girl - what's in this recording?

Tim & Dee TV are YouTubers who conduct street surveys in the USA. On 11 June, they posted a preview on Instagram of an interview with two women in Nashville, Tennessee. The YouTuber asked a blonde interviewee about one move that drove a guy crazy in bed.

The internet went crazy about Hawk Tuah Girl

The blonde simply described oral sex. The way she did it caused the recording to gain enormous popularity. Internet users dubbed the woman Hawk Tuah Girl after the words she said. The original post has millions of views, hundreds of thousands of likes, and thousands of comments. It has been shared in many copies, remixes, and memes across other social media platforms.

Who is Hawk Tuah Girl? Rumours were that she was a teacher fired after the street survey came to light. These revelations quickly turned out to be false. For now, the woman's name and surname have not been confirmed. Interestingly, a clothing company from Tennessee, Fathead Threads, published a photo of the business owner in the company of Hawk Tuah Girl. The brand reportedly collaborated with the woman and is releasing caps with the famous quote about spitting.

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