Harry's fury over William's inaction on Diana's estate

Prince Harry blames Prince William
Prince Harry blames Prince William
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8 July 2024 08:26

Prince Harry is reportedly exceptionally dissatisfied with his older brother’s procrastination. Prince William could have done much in this important family matter, but according to the aristocrat, he was not determined enough. The contentious issue turned out to be... Princess Diana's family estate.

Foreign gossip portals are elaborating on Prince Harry's grievances against his brother. They are caused by recent news that their mother’s luxurious residence, where she spent her childhood, is not supposed to end up in their hands. This is the place where Princess Diana is buried.

According to Meghan Markle’s husband, Prince William did not do enough to secure the estate, which is symbolic for both princes. For Harry, the loss of unlimited access to his mother’s grave was a devastating blow.

He believes that what happened could negatively affect the commemoration of Princess Diana’s memory. The British media approach the matter with less emotion. They remind me that Althorp Estate has been in the Spencer family for over five hundred years.

Although the sons of the Queen of Hearts and King Charles III were expected to inherit these lands, they will most likely be taken over by Louis Spencer, the son of the brother of the late princess, who died in 1997. Currently, Earl Charles Spencer is in charge of the entire estate.

Althorp Estate has as many as... 90 rooms, with a total area of over 97,000 sq ft. Some of them house valuable antiques, including a portrait gallery. A lake is located nearby.

Reconciliation between Harry and William is still far away

Prince Harry’s grievances, according to experts, may further cool his strained relations with the heir to the throne. The gentlemen have been avoiding each other for a long time.

Charles III has noticed this problem and is encouraging his younger son to move to the UK and buy the property offered to him.

In that case, relations with his brother might change positively, but there are no signs. What do you think, should Princess Diana’s residence remain in the hands of the Spencers or the Windsors?

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